The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a sister organization of the World Bank, has co-authored a report with the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) and CreditEase focused on financial inclusion in the digital age. The report recognizes Juntos as one of 100 innovative Fintech companies that are bringing new solutions and technologies to market that promote stronger financial health in households around the world.

Juntos, which offers an automated mobile messaging platform to build stronger relationships between customers and their financial institutions, appears in the “Savings and Financial Planning” category of the list. According to the authors, the companies on its list are leading a revolution:

A financial revolution is taking place around the globe, powered by mobile phones, access to new data, technological innovations and changing mindsets of users of financial services. We are witnessing the emergence of ‘for-profit, mission-driven’ financial technology (Fintech) players focused on enabling greater financial inclusion. These Fintech companies are mitigating frictions by designing novel products or following innovative business strategies, with the common end goal of enhancing financial inclusion. They are increasing the financial capacities and financial health of households and organizations worldwide.

Signing up for a bank account or other financial product is just the first step in a newly banked customer’s journey. Juntos partners with banks to digitally engage users in two-way conversations that develop the knowledge, confidence, and trust needed to actually use their accounts. True participation in the digital economy empowers customers to securely access funds, grow savings, and build credit.

The report highlights a range of other innovative organizations, including Credit Karma, GoFundMe, Kabbage, Nerdwallet, and Stripe, among others. You can read the full report here.

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