In a report authored by The Mastercard Foundation and BFA, Juntos is highlighted as a “Practical Superpower” for financial services providers (FSPs) in Africa. The report focuses on how African FSPs can partner with Fintechs to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in pragmatic ways to better serve mass market customers:

AI is typically defined as the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior, a definition which tends to evoke strong visions for the future in the form of either fix-all solutions or evil robot overlords. Here we intentionally take a more pragmatic approach, skirting the hype in favor of focusing on augmentation — rather than imitation — of human expertise, ingenuity, craftsmanship and intelligence.

Juntos is recognized throughout the report as a valuable conversational interface that empowers African FSPs to build meaningful relationships with customers at scale. The report continues:

Juntos partners with FSPs and MNOs to drive behavioral change in its customers entirely through mobile chat conversations. Behavioral experiments are tied to specific business goals, such as increasing savings deposits, engagement or reduced call center inquiries. Juntos’ carefully structured SMS conversations are analyzed on a daily basis with regression analysis and ML models to extract insights into what to say to which customers, and when to drive the desired behavior change.  


The exploration of chatbots is a perfect opportunity for financial providers to partner with fintech companies that have invested in developing chat algorithms in local languages and dialects, are optimizing the tone and flow of the conversation, and have the teams in place to continue to refine and iterate based on an institution’s specific use cases.

As the report describes, Juntos takes a pragmatic approach combining human intelligence and technology to help financial institutions build trusting customer relationships. Human-centered design and behavioral economics principles guide messaging strategy, automation enables conversations to be responsive at massive scale, and machine learning algorithms inform which customers should receive which content sequences. Taken together, these pillars make up a powerful platform. Here’s a helpful framework outlined by the report, where we’ve highlighted Juntos capabilities:

To read the full report, which also highlights Fintechs like LenddoEFL, Tala, and Branch, follow this link.


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