The Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth released a new report that highlights Juntos’ work in North Africa. The paper, “The Next Frontier in Financial Inclusion: Moving Beyond Access to Usage,” spotlights Juntos’ partnership with Vodafone to help build stronger digital relationships:

Many Middle Eastern and North African markets have mobile penetration rates of 100 percent. Logic says such accessibility would translate into payments usage, but it has not—partly due to lack of consumer trust.


To address this challenge, Mastercard partnered Juntos, a mobile messaging service devoted to building mutually beneficially relationships between financial service providers and their customers, and the region’s leading telecommunications provider, Vodafone, to develop a responsive consumer messaging and education service. The end goal would be to build long-term trusted digital relationships with consumers resulting in increased and recurring customer payments usage.


Consumers engaged with Juntos to explain their cash usage pain points, difficulties in their financial lives, and key savings goals (e.g. paying for a wedding or education). By engaging customers in dialogue via two-way SMS messaging framed around their specific financial needs, Juntos and ultimately Vodafone were able to improve consumer understanding of how to use payment products and enhance their trust.


The resulting increase in transaction volumes raised Vodafone revenues while empowering customers and deepening their digital relationship with the Vodafone brand. Putting in perspective that behavioral change takes time, the initial uptake was very high—96 percent of consumers stayed enrolled throughout the program. Furthermore, among active consumers, monthly transactions increased five to eight percent, mostly attributed to an increased number of peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions.

Check out this blog post, written by Mastercard Director of Product Operations Dan Salazar, to learn more. You can also access the full white paper here: 

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