“Trust takes time, and sometimes it’s built in the small moments. Lots of the small moments then add up to the big moments.” – Melinda Gates

This quote should ring true for financial services providers. It’s easy to get caught up trying to perfect an individual touchpoint or one-off promotion, but that isolated approach obscures the big picture: building trust and long-term loyalty with customers.

Financial institutions are increasingly shifting their focus to improving customer journeys. Research shows that the accumulation of experiences that customers go through when they interact with your brand is far more important than any individual interaction. According to McKinsey & Company, successful projects that focus on improving customer journeys typically generate 5-10% revenue growth, as well as 15-25% cost reduction. On a larger scale, companies that provide exceptional experiences make more than 26% higher gross margins than their competitors.

Ultimately, Juntos exists to build trust by improving customer journeys. Our success is not based on any perfectly worded individual message. Instead, we build trust between customers and their financial institutions with long-term conversations. We help people set financial goals, educate them about account features, and create spaces for them to ask questions and provide feedback. Only after several months of this dialogue do we typically see meaningful behavior change.

You can see the interview about trust with Melinda Gates here, and read the full McKinsey report here.

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