During COVID-19,

sending blast emails and text messages to your customers doesn’t go far enough

Turn 1-way marketing into engaging, 2-way conversations with all your customers

Today’s COVID environment is putting stress on banks, from the C-Suite to the product and marketing teams and from customer experience to customer service.  

Customers seek:

  • reassurance that their bank is at their side, 
  • clarity over evolving bank policies, and 
  • accompaniment as they attempt to use new digital channels.

The Juntos Conversational Account Management (CAM) platform turns one-way communication into warm, two-way conversations at scale via Messenger, SMS Text or WhatsApp and drives engagement by 5x over traditional marketing and increases NPS scores by double digits. 

“With the Juntos Conversational Account Management platform, we can personalize the way we deliver essential banking to our customers, at scale, to match this difficult moment.”

Tauriq Keraan, CEO, TymeBank

During COVID-19, banks are using CAM to:

  • Proactively communicate key updates on products and policies, and scalable address questions and concerns, without the need of a call center or branch staff
  • Support and accompany each customer individually in the adoption of digital channels and account features
  • Drive trust, loyalty and client retention at scale
  • Protect their brands during a year of high stakes market conditions

Let us help you turn your COVID-19 communications into meaningful, two-way conversations at scale with all your customers.