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Account Management

Account Management

Offer personalized attention to all of your customers, not just your private banking clients.

Conversational Account Management (CAM) combines technology with human intelligence to create engaging and personalized two-way conversations with your customers at scale. CAM’s proven results are increased uptake and retention of financial products.

CAM Drives Results

2X to 4X

Increase Loan

15% to 40%+

Drive Deposit

10% to 25%

Increase Digital

The Missing Piece

Between your MarTech stack and your customer support software lies Conversational Account Management, the best way to build relationships with your existing customers. And with CAM, you can expect to reach up to 96% of your customers.

The Global Leader in CAM

As the global leader in Conversational Account Management, Juntos has created a platform that is used by banks across 4 continents to drive growth by establishing and deepening customer relationships at scale.



Million Touchpoints

Some of Our Clients and Partners

"Juntos offers a human element, so it gives the client an opportunity to somewhat have a relationship manager on call and with them through their journey..."-Zakkiaya Khan, Nedbank
"Partnering with Juntos as soon as possible was definitely an opportunity to be a first-mover and get a competitive advantage, but more importantly, it is that we saw an opportunity to actually start adding value to our customers..."  -Vanesha Palani, Nedbank
"Juntos made it possible to talk to our customers in a manner that is both scalable and sustainable. This 2 way communication allowed us to not only engage with our base, but also drive activity and transactions”-CMO Mynt
“Juntos made it possible to talk to our customers in a scalable and sustainable way. It allowed us not only to engage with our base but also to drive account activity.”

-Miriam Botero, Bancolombia