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Technology for Storytelling

December 12, 2014

Posted by Dante Cassanego

Storytelling is as old as language itself, but some people fear that storytelling is dying in the digital age. The argument that storytelling is becoming a lost art usually focuses on how technology has shrunk our attention span to the extent that we are now bored by any soundbite that cannot be summarized in 140 characters.

At Juntos, we believe that storytelling is actually one of the best applications of technology. The power of technology boils down to three things: 1) communication, 2) automation, and 3) scalability. Basically, technology allows you to connect with lots of people, over and over again. Despite being simple, those are really powerful tools when you’re trying to tell a story.

Many financial institutions use technology to try to tell their institution’s story to customers. What sets Juntos apart is that we offer our partner financial institutions technology that creates a space where customers can tell their own stories and feel that their financial institution is listening.

We do this through a messaging platform that takes advantage of technology’s strengths. Juntos facilitates communication with customers by allowing for SMS conversations that are personalized and two-way. Thanks to automation, our partners can do this type of high-touch customer engagement on a large scale for low cost compared to alternatives.

Our use of technology to enable customers to tell their own stories to their financial institutions helps our partners better meet the wants of their customers. A recent survey by the CGI Group indicated that a majority of financial consumers want their financial institutions to “see me as a person,” “provide me with wealth-building advice,” and “tell me what I am spending money on and how I can save.”

By creating a space where customers can tell their stories and feel that their financial institution is listening, Juntos helps our partners’ customers feel seen, feel known as a person. What’s more, because Juntos allows for a two-way conversation, we help our partners to provide personalized advice, even to their low-income customers.

Just as old as storytelling is the human desire to have our stories validated. At Juntos, we use technology to provide our partner financial institutions with a powerful new way to meet this age-old need.

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