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Redefining Relationship

August 8, 2014

Posted by Dante Cassanego

8.4 million and counting. That’s how many views this video uploaded by TD Canada has gotten in two weeks. The video shows customers’ reactions when TD changed their ATMs across Canada “Automated Thanking Machines” for a day.


The machines greet customers by name and begin a two-way conversation. As the conversation continues, the customers are surprised with personalized gifts. A mother receives piggy banks and $1,000 to start an education savings plan for each of her children plus tickets to DisneyLand. A die-hard Blue Jays fan gets a personalized jersey and is greeted by Jose Bautista who tells him he’ll get to throw out a first pitch. Another mother, whose only daughter recently underwent surgery for cancer, receives money and a plane ticket to visit her daughter in Trinidad.

It is easy to see why the video has gone viral. It is heart-warming and inspiring–two adjectives that aren’t often used to describe banks. In fact, Accenture’s Digital Banking Survey found that 71% of customers consider their banking relationship to be transactional rather than relationship driven.

The TD Thanks You videos makes everyone who watches think differently about the relationship TD has with their customers. What if other banks could spark a more permanent, large-scale transformation of how clients view their banking relationship?

At Juntos, our automated messaging platform allows us to create warm customer engagement that has the potential to do just that. Like the conversations that the Automated Thanking Machine had with select clients, the conversations that all users have with Juntos through their phone are personalized and two-way. Through these text message conversations on mobile phones, users begin to talk to their bank in the same way that they talk when messaging their loved ones.

Although Juntos doesn’t gift users with big-ticket items, we do give our users a gift that we believe is at least as transformational. We listen. We give users space to share their goals and dreams, their insecurities and fears. Money is an important tool in these stories so we provide users with personalized financial coaching. These conversations help our users feel that they are not alone because their bank is on their side. This empowers users to feel confidence and control in their financial journeys. And that is a gift that keeps on giving.

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