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New Juntos Case Study Released

October 22, 2015

Posted by Christina Huntzinger

To what extent can a fully automated system build trust and confidence? How does two-way interaction affect customer behavior?

CGAP (The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor) released a case study today addressing these questions in relation to Juntos’ product. Using results from Juntos’ work in Colombia, along with examples from partnerships in Mexico and Tanzania, CGAP describes the outcomes of Juntos’ iterative design processes that ultimately work to connect users to their financial institution.

Juntos has the capacity to launch quickly in various markets, due to proprietary technology designed in-house that works across countries and financial institutions. After conducting interviews and preliminary research, Juntos creates messages tailored to local markets with the goal of seeing change in financial behavior that reflects the needs of the partner financial institution. Though these messages are relayed through an automated system, analysts update and tweak messages in real time based on the replies they receive from users.

In contrast to one-way SMS services, Juntos’ two-way messaging service stands out in local markets. The conversational approach lowers the barrier for customers to engage with their bank, and results in higher account balances and increased transaction numbers.

A more detailed analysis of Juntos’ product can be found in the blog article and case study on CGAP’s website.

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