How it works.

Juntos began at the Stanford, believing in the power of behavior change and user-centric design. Our solutions empower users to build confidence in their financial lives.

  1. Define KPIs

    Juntos works with each partner to develop KPIs that ensure customer behavior is motivated in a way that drives increased engagement and usage of accounts. For example: increased account balances, increased numbers of transactions, channel off-loading, decreasing calls to the call center, etc.
  2. Ethnographic research

    At Juntos we know that every culture is different, and in every culture the way people approach technology and financial services may vary. Our expert user researchers do one week of in-depth in-person ethnographic research at the start of every design process. This uncovers key behavioral and language keys, as well as insights into how trust is built in that specific language and culture.
  3. Train the system

    Every Juntos deployment begins with 8-12 weeks of a data driven iterative design process. During this time small cohorts of users receive and reply to dozens of variations of content, and each week the data from their engagement is used to tweak the content to improve results.
  4. Full launch

    After the system is trained, the content is delivered to the full set of customers in the Juntos project, and we begin to see widespread results. Every other month, Juntos delivers an analysis of performance to date, integrating data shared from the partner about KPI achievement.

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