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Corporate Librarian

  • Location: San Carlos, CA
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Summary:

    At Juntos, one of our operating principles is that we will find the best solutions by looking to the world outside us. Our job is to create conversations that build good relationships between financial institutions and the people they serve, leading to greater engagement with formal financial services around the world. In order to craft these conversations we interview users, keep up to date with the most recent advances in behavioral and development economics, as well as continuously evaluate the impact of our conversational approaches through A/B testing and RCTs. Over time we’ve created an enormous body of ethnographic and market research, reams of data about which approaches worked and which didn’t, and a growing library of conversations in more than ten languages.

    As our Corporate Librarian, you will help us manage, organize, and maintain these resources, supporting us with the information necessary to deliver the most valuable conversations to our users. The Corporate Librarian will assist with cataloguing and retrieving information and assets relevant to user experience design, experimental data analysis, and reporting. You’ll work alongside our design, localization, data and engineering teams to build the tools and processes to support this work, as well as the training materials that help us adopt them.

    Over the course of the next year, our Corporate Librarian will:

    •  Design, implement, and maintain a digital asset management system for our user experience designs, ethnographic interview audio, video and transcriptions, user research photographs and images, and other design collateral
    • Assist in the development of metadata models, nomenclature standards, taxonomies and other controlled vocabularies
    • Upload and tag existing and future assets according to metadata standards
    • Work with our data and software teams to identify methods to increase automation of asset ingestion and tagging
    • Assist the engineering team in management of platform projects, including content migration, ingestion, and convergence
    • Develop user guides and training materials to assist the team in using stored research materials, data, and results in all formats
    • Assist Juntos team in searching for and locating relevant information, data, results, and user research assets for analysis, reports, and other communications
    • Collect and report digital asset usage data
    • Evaluate & report on effectiveness of library resources and services


    • 5 years of experience in one of the following: library services, digital asset management or information services
    • Familiarity with statistical methods and metrics including those associated with A/B testing and Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs)
    • A delight in order, organization and clear presentation of complex information
    • A belief in the importance of combining qualitative and quantitative data
    • Work authorization for the US required
    • Knowledge of anthropology, financial services, international development or human-centered design is a plus
    • Knowledge of multiple languages is a plus

    If that’s exciting to you or someone you know, please reach out to us — we’d love to speak with you.

    Juntos is venture backed by Aligned Partners and Omidyar Network and headquartered in San Carlos, CA. To apply, send a resume and cover letter to [at]

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