Based in California's Silicon Valley.

Juntos began at the Stanford, believing in the power of behavior change and user-centric design. Our mission is to design tools that empower users to save and build confidence in their financial lives.

Ben Knelman

CEO & Founder

Ben Knelman is the CEO and co-founder of Juntos.

Ben is interested in the intersection of technology, user-centric design, and behavior change, building solutions that allow innovative financial service providers around the world to empower and support their customers who are entering mobile financial services for the first time.

Named one of The World Economic Forum’s “Global Shapers”, Ben has a background in Literature, User-Centric Product Development and Economics. He grew up in Minnesota and earned his Bachelors and Masters at Stanford, where Juntos began at the Stanford

Dante Cassanego

CTO & Cofounder

As a software engineer at Intuit, Dante was the youngest member of both the Technical Leadership Council and the Intuit Innovation Lab. He filed nine patents in five years and was honored with Intuit’s two highest awards: the Scott Cook Innovation Award and the CEO Leadership Award. Dante holds a BS in Computer Science from Stanford University and an MBA from MIT.

Katie Macc

CCO & Cofounder

Prior to working at Juntos, Katie worked in the field of microfinance, first in field operations, based in Lubumbashi and Kinshasa in DR Congo, and then based in the US in Development. Katie has degrees in physics and economics from the University of Virginia.

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