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Archive: May 2016

Juntos’ Platform Profiled by GSMA

May 5, 2016

Posted by Christina Huntzinger

Juntos was recently featured on GSMA’s Mobile for Development blog. The article outlines the needs that mobile money operators have when developing a merchant payment proposition, including issuing, acquiring, and pricing characteristics. Juntos is highlighted as a company that provides support to customers and merchants as merchant payment systems grow and expand in many markets. With a new mobile money feature such as merchant payments, awareness of the service is essential, and Juntos’ SMS messaging can help facilitate use of and engagement in such a service.

While mobile money providers must continue to deploy a strong sales team on the ground to support the growth of merchant payments, partnerships with third parties who can offer support on education and training for increasing… awareness and usage of such a service can lead to a significant growth in transactions.” (emphasis added)


Read the full text of the article here.

Social Proof and Mobile Money: New CGAP Blog

May 2, 2016

Posted by Christina Huntzinger

Juntos’ conversational design relies on common principles of behavioral economics and on-the-ground research about users’ beliefs and experiences with money. A recent article at CGAP explores Juntos’ successful implementation of the behavioral economics concept of social proof.


“Social proof gives people a cue about what risks are worth taking by sharing with them the outcomes and experiences of their peers…. In order to do this, Juntos leverages two-way interactive SMS to increase transactions, account usage, and overall engagement with customers.”

Read the full text of the article here

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