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Archive: February 2016

Juntos’ Design Strategies Featured by Karandaaz Pakistan

February 26, 2016

Posted by Christina Huntzinger

MacGregor Lennarz, Commercial Director at Juntos, recently wrote a post for Karandaaz Pakistan in which he details Juntos’ individualized design process:

“Every Juntos message is personalized to the specific receiver in terms of both subject and language.  Each message is based on the customer’s financial behavior (deposits, transfers, etc.) and information he or she has communicated previously in the conversation with Juntos. For example, someone who sends PKR 2000 weekly and has asked about security of transactions will receive a different message than someone who has deposited PKR 500 and alludes to the importance of education for his or her children. All messages from Juntos also reflect the language the customer uses. Thus, someone who sends SMSs in formal Urdu will receive communication back in formal Urdu. Someone who sends SMSs in Pashto relying on abbreviations and/or ‘text speak’ will receive communication back in a similar style.”

The personalization and localization employed by Juntos’ design team work to facilitate the relationship and lower the barriers between financial service providers and their customers, ultimately driving mobile wallet adoption and continued usage.

Read the full article here: Unlocking the Potential of Two-Way Messaging

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