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Archive: December 2015

Results of Partnership Between Juntos and Tigo Tanzania

December 9, 2015

Posted by Christina Huntzinger

Juntos and Tigo Tanzania, a telco that maintains one of the largest mobile money deployments in the world, recently coauthored a white paper highlighting the successes of Juntos and Tigo’s partnership.  The combined goal of Tigo Tanzania and Juntos was to use engaging two-way SMS services to increase customer comfort with and use of the Tigo Pesa merchant payment system, traditionally a difficult mobile money product to promote.
Throughout the five-week treatment period and over 100 unique messaging tests, Juntos achieved a 26% increase in the number of consumers who made a purchase within the merchant system compared to the control group.  During the same period, the average number of payments made to merchants among users receiving Juntos messaging increased by 30%.
You can read more about the results of Juntos’ partnership with Tigo TZ here.


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